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The Leaping Life

The Leaping Life

by on August 31, 2020

Have you noticed that excited people attract other people? I know that I get excited with I see someone else who is living in joy and enthusiasm.   Jesus said in John 10:10 that “He came to give life and life abundant.” 

What does that look like? What does it take to live in The Leaping Life? In Acts 3:1-10 we see a man who experience the healing of God and lives the leaping life.

If we want to live the leaping life, 

  • Get a New Gaze.

I learned as a kid that if you don’t keep your eye on the ball bad things happen. The same is true in life.  If you aren’t looking in the right direction, you are left with some wrong things.

Some aren’t living the leaping life because they are only looking at what holds them back, they spend too much time gazing on their “set back” that they miss the comeback God has for them.

In our scripture today, vs. 3 says this crippled man from birth set his sights on Peter and John for a self-centered reason. What was it? “to receive alms”

       “Give me some money. I’m poor and needy. Fulfill your religious duty and give me a fix for today.” 

He thought he was going get something, instead someone got him.  Verse 6 tells us that Peter and John gave him something more valuable than money, they gave him Jesus!

The Leaping Life starts when we quit gazing at our “woes” and start looking at the “wows”. Wows start with getting our gaze on God!

Where is our focus? Occupies our mind? 

  • Leapers Live from the Inside.

Before this man starting leaping there had to be the Lord working.

Vs. 7 tells us where he was strengthened. Where was it?

“his feet and his ankles were strengthened.”

Before he leaped, God did a work in his bones.  Some of us want to leap so bad that we miss the foundational step of “strengthening”.  The leaping life isn’t simply being joyful, happy or dancing a jig for entertainment’s sake, the leaping life is a deep-seeded,

 God-given strengthened contentment that helps us bound over life’s struggles and land firmly on the other side.

For this lame man to leap successfully, there needed to be a secure landing…AND a secure landing came through an INNER working of healing.

Some of us, if we want to leap, must let God attend to some work inside…spiritually, emotionally, relationally, mentally healing. etc. 

We can’t skip this step. We must humbly submit to God first. Get our gaze on Him each and every moment. Allow Him to work in the inner structure of our lives…the bones of our thought-life…the bones of our emotional-life…to heal the skeletons or our past.

You see, Lordship precedes leaping.

 Which leads me to our next point.

  • Know your reason.

Why did the lame man leap and where did he go first?

Leaping was outward reaction to an inner working of God.  As Peter grabbed his hand, God’s power immediately strengthened his bones and there was no holding him back.  Why did he leap? God did His work.

Vs. 8 “with a leap, he stood up upright and be began to walk”…and where did he go?  “entered the temple with them leaping” and doing what?? Praising God.

Notice, in vs. 1-5, where is the lame man’s focus? “What can I get?”  BUT in Vs. 7-9, after healing, where is his focus? “praising God.”  He was no longer lamenting his lameness, he was loving the Lord.

The leaping life always gives glory to God.  1 Cor. 10:31 “whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”  The leaping life is a genuine lifestyle that flows from a love-relationship with Jesus.

If we aren’t leaping for the Lord, we are leaping for our own reaping. AND if our reason is to reap, we have nothing to keep. In other words, leaping doesn’t last if we are leaping for the wrong reason! 

Lastly, a Lord-given leaping lifestyle is one that.. 

  • People will notice.

In vs. 10, those who saw the lame man leaping and praising God, were trying to figure it out. “What is going on? Is this the same guy who used to sit outside begging?

When they figured it out, they were “Filled with wonder and amazement.”

Because they noticed the Leaping Life, look what happened?

Acts 3:16 and Acts. 4:4 tell us that the story of Jesus was preached and thousands of people became Christians.

  • The result of the Leaping Life will be that God is honored, people notice and the power of Jesus can be spoken and believed.

 Someone is always looking at our lives, what will they notice? Who will they see?

We moved out to the country over 5 yrs ago. One of my favorite things to do out in the country is to go outside at night and with no lights on, to look at the night sky. As I stand in amazement at the night sky, I always find the moon.The moon is big and bright, but it actually doesn’t produce its own light. It is only a reflection. For anyone to get that “incredible” feeling of awe when looking at the moon, they are simply seeing a reflection, a reflection of the Sun. 

The same is true with our lives. People really notice us in a positive way when we reflect the Son.

The leaping life is a reflecting life!

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