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Preparing for Relocation

Preparing for Relocation

by Ross Shelton on July 29, 2021

While we are, at minimum, a couple months out from relocating our Sunday services, I know a lot of us are thinking about the relocation. My hope and prayer is that you are excited about this journey. I also know that for some there may be a mix of anxiety and grief about this journey; it’s OK to feel these too. Whatever you are feeling, I believe there are some ways we can prepare ourselves for this relocation.

  • Pray: Nothing is more important in this relocation journey than seeking the Lord in prayer. I truly believe that the main reason for why there is a building at our new location is God’s response to the prayers of the people of this church. Please continue to pray. Pray for God’s continued financial provision. Pray for the work of the committee. Pray for the staff. Pray that God is glorified.
  • Stay informed: It is important to us that you are provided information and transparency. Each month, I provide a construction and financial update that can be found on our relocation page: https://fbc-brenham.org/about-us/relocation/. There will be other times we provide information (times to meet on-site, etc.), but what I like the relocation page is that it is available in print to be read at any time. Also, right now, there are changes happening every week, but these updates provide you a good general overview of where we are in the process. When these updates are provided each month, please read them.
  • Ask questions: If you have any questions or need for clarifications, please reach out to members of our committee or me. We welcome any questions or needs for clarification.
  • Allow the new building to function as a new space: One of the challenges of our new building is that we may compare it to what we currently have. It is important to remember that our new building is not about trying to recreate our current building; it is its own space and will function differently than our current space. While it may take some adjustment, we believe our new building will be a great enhancement to the health and life of our church.
  • Celebrate and show appreciation for all God has done at our current location: While this blog is about our moving forward, this does not mean it is not important to thank God and show appreciation for all that happened in our downtown location. I thank God for all the baptisms, weddings, Bible studies, and lives that have been changed inside these walls. I also remember the times of grief and sadness of funerals and comforting those in pain that took place inside these walls. Sometime before we have our first Sunday on the new property, we will have a special service of remembrance so that we can thank God and show appreciation for all He has done for generations at our current location.
  • Prepare to be flexible: During this season of relocation and beginning services at the new site, there will be changes to our Sunday morning schedule, kinks to work out at the new site, etc. With all that is happening, it can be easy to get grumpy, easily frustrated, and short-tempered. Let’s remember to be flexible as we begin this new season and as we learn to gather at the new site.
  • Look for the positives: There will be things done and decisions made that may be different if you had been in charge or made the decisions. When we notice these things, it can be easy to criticize and be negative. I encourage you to look for the positives. Looking for the positives does not mean we do not want you to ask questions; we want you to ask any question. This is about our attitudes, especially when we come across something we may not like or would do differently.
  • Keep the big picture in mind: The big picture is that this building and future buildings are ministry tools for reaching people for Christ and being equipped to grow in a love relationship with Him. They are so much more than merely a projection of or catering to our preferences. Honestly, there have been a number of times during this process when I have been caught up in the minutia of the construction process that I have had to remind myself of why we are doing this/the big picture: these buildings are ultimately about people and reaching and equipping them for Jesus!
  • Remember, you are important to this church!: One of the things I pray for is our continued unity as we move. Whether it be a newborn or someone in their 90s, I want everyone in our church to join us on this journey. I cannot wait to see the Commons full of people of every generation, and I want you to be there with us. Therefore, please know, whether you are young or old, you are treasured and needed as we begin this journey!

Once again, I hope you are excited! This is an important milestone in the life of our church, and I am looking forward to what God will do.

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