Moving Forward: 2020-2021

Beginning Construction: July 2020

  • Before we made the decision to move forward, we took the month of June, 2020 to really go into the numbers to review the Guaranteed Maximum Price, review the Audio/Visual/Lighting (AVL) plan and budget, discuss furnishing/furniture/equipment (FFE) ideas, review numerous cost saving options, etc. We are confident that these items will come in under 7 million. All-this-to-say, the committee is excited and ready to move forward. Dirt work began in July, 2020.
  • One item should be noted: Phase One (main building and youth building) will be built in phases. Therefore, because of our budget, we are focusing the first part of the construction on the main building (worship center, commons, children’s area, Sunday School rooms, and offices). We will still do some work in preparation for the youth building. Nevertheless, the youth building is extremely important to us, and Phase One will not be deemed completed until we building the Youth Building. The reason for phasing within Phase One is budgetary and because we are building without debt. We are prayerfully hopeful that as we begin construction, numerous cost savings will be found and our church will respond in generosity.
  • Without any major delays due to weather or finances, the construction process should be 14 months.
  • As the construction process begins, here are some next steps:
    • Throughout this process, we will be giving continual updates.
    • We need you to pray. Pray for the construction process. Pray for the safety of the workers. Pray for the members of the committee. Pray for financial provision and strategic cost savings. Most importantly, pray that God will be glorified in both the process of building and the actual building.
    • Continue or consider giving to the Faith Building Fund. We are stepping out on faith that God will provide the remaining funding as needed. Thank you to everyone who has faithfully and sacrificially given over the past years. Thank you, as well and in advance, to those who will now decide to start giving. If you want to learn more about the Faith Building campaign, including the video we made, you can go to If you want to find where you can give, you can click here:

Master Plan and Phase One

Looking Back

As we move forward with Phase One of our relocation, it is important for us to look back and be reminded of how God worked and provided through this process:

  • Summer 2013: During the summer of 2013 and while the church was going through the Intentional Interim Process before Ross Shelton came as pastor, First Baptist Church reaffirmed a commitment to relocate from our current downtown facilities to another area of the city.
  • April 2014: We purchased 33 acres on South Market Street near 290 and across from the Tractor Supply store. When discussions began in the early 2000s about relocating, this property was the desired location. However, the owner at the time was not interested in selling. This led the church to look elsewhere, eventually buying 51 acres a few blocks west along 290. When the originally desired property went on the market, the church was able to purchase 33 acres of the property and placed the 51 acres for sale. The sale of the 51 acres closed on August 29, 2018, and the church received $2,340,000. While it took a long time, the church is relocating to the property that was originally desired!
  • Fall 2014: The Relocation Committee began meeting to discern about the design and construction process to present to the church. This included times of prayer, discussion as a committee, and listening to presentations from architecture and construction firms.
  • February 2015: By the end of February, the Relocation Committee had met with seven architects and two construction firms.
  • March 2015: The Relocation Committee, through prayer and reflection, narrowed the search down to two architecture firms. The committee met with both firms for another round of conversations in order to discern whether one of these firms was the one to recommend to the church.
  • December 2015:
    • The Relocation Committee recommended CMA Architects out of Dallas, TX to do our master plan, and the church approved the recommendation on December 6, 2015. In August 2019, CMA was bought by the Core States Group. After discussions with the church about this in the January business meeting and after meeting with them to have clarifying discussions, we will continue with Core States during the construction process (construction administration).
    • As part of Vision 2020 – “To be a church of ordinary people used by God in extraordinary ways” – the church approved one of the God Goals 2020 to be the following: “Build Phase One of our relocation without debt.”
  • September 2016: The church approved Goff Companies to oversee the construction side of our relocation.
  • November 13, 2016: The Relocation Committee presented a rough draft of a proposed Master Plan in a meeting in order to receive input from the church.
  • January 15, 2017: During another input session, changes to the Master Plan were presented and an initial block diagram of a first phase was presented.
  • February 19, 2017: In a special meeting at the end of each of the Sunday morning worship services, the church voted to approve the Master Plan.
  • April 23, 2017: There was a church-wide input session on an initial first phase block floor plan.
  • June 4, 2017: In a special meeting at the end of each of the Sunday morning worship services, the church voted and approved the Phase One Floor Plan.
  • Different Ways God Has Provided Financially Over the Years: During this journey, God has provided in different ways to lead us to this point. We believe God will continue to provide in different ways throughout this process. Here are the different ways God has provided:
    • In the mid-2000s, the church went through “the Story to Build On” capital campaign. This funding allowed the church to buy the 33 acres without debt in 2014.
    • In late 2013, we received a call from a developer out of Houston about purchasing the 2.4 acres behind our youth building for apartments. This call was “out-of-the-blue,” and the land was not on the market. After selling the 2.4 acres, we received $217,801.08 towards our relocation.
    • In February 2017, we closed on the sale of a home and 10 acres that was generously donated to the church for assisting in our relocation. After closing, the church received $358,647.75!
    • Between 2013 to the beginning of the capital campaign in 2017 a special designated fund called “New Facilities Fund” was set up for those who wanted to start giving towards the relocation. The amount raised during these years was $478,403.38. The sale of the home and 10 acres ($358,647.75) was added to this amount.
    • Fall 2017: We began the Faith Building Capital Campaign with assistance from the capital campaign firm, Impact Stewardship. The three-year campaign began in December 2017 with $2,989,743.64 pledged. As of July 1, 2020, we have received $2,900,615.10! The focus of this campaign is that this project is about more than building facilities; it is about building faith in seeing God provide and Him receiving the glory!
    • In July 2018, we closed on the sale of the house we owned at 305 East Academy St. After closing, we received $89,081.50 towards our relocation.